The Name of the Wind

The Name of the Wind  - Patrick Rothfuss I read this book because one of my dearest friends (she knows who she is) and I went to the bookstore one afternoon, and she said "you should read this." She then promptly attempted to talk me out of actually buying the book because "what if you pay money for it and then hate it????" I bought it anyway, and let me just say...
thank goodness I did.

I'd be lying if I said this book is anything like what I usually read. That said, I firmly and wholeheartedly reject the notion of rigidly and exclusively keeping all reading choices within a specific genre, so the fact that it was different than my usual choices isn't terribly relevant. What is relevant is the fact that The Name of the Wind is freaking fantastic, and you should all read it as soon as humanly possible.

One of the biggest selling points of any book for me is the characters, and I was not disappointed here. All of the characters in TNotW were 3D and wonderful, fully formed and fascinating in every way. I was never wishing for a larger cast, nor was I annoyed whenever the story delved deeper into a certain character, because I loved them all.

Secondly, the descriptions in this book were flawless. I am usually not one for large amounts of exposition, because I find it largely unnecessary and tend to get bored, but the sheer talent with which Rothfuss managed to compose his descriptions had me enthralled.

Thirdly and lastly, this book flowed beautifully. I was initially a bit nervous to delve into such a long book (just over 700 pages in my edition), but the book flew by, and I never felt like I was muddled down in a story that dragged on and trapped me in pointlessness. Instead, every page and every sentence seemed to fit perfectly within the larger framework of the story, and the prose was so captivating and mesmerizing that it floated by without my even noticing how much of it there was.

In short, to my friend who told me I should read this: thank you so much. You should never doubt your opinions on anything ever again, because this was worth every penny of my money. To everyone who has not yet read this book but is a lover of literature: what are you waiting for?