Whispers in Autumn

Whispers in Autumn  - Trisha Leigh I first checked out this book because, and only because, it was a free download on Amazon and I wanted some books for my then-freshly downloaded Kindle app. What I learned from that is simple: just because a book is free doesn't mean it's not really really good.

Whispers in Autumn is a unique book, with a unique and fresh idea behind it. While its certainly not the first or only sci-fi/dystopian YA book on the market, it adds an aspect to the genre that I, at least, haven't encountered before. The description of the world in which Althea and Lucas live, and the lives they lead, is chilling and interesting, clear but with just the right amount of mystery, enough information given and enough information withheld to keep the reader simultaneously eager and intrigued. Additionally, Althea is a nicely thought out character, whose thoughts and motives are explored and explained thoroughly in this novel, and, despite the obvious and cliché romance, the relationship between Lucas and Althea is handled very nicely, and their feelings always feel justified and authentic.

I'll admit, right up until the end of this book, I had no idea where it was heading. I have no idea what will happen in the sequels, but even though a part of me feels like the author has written herself into a corner, that only makes me more curious to see where it will go next. I'll definitely be checking out the rest of the series, and if you haven't given these books a read yet, you should add them to your list.