Dante's Girl

Dante's Girl  - Courtney Cole I waited a day to write this review for two reasons: 1) it was dinnertime and I absolutely had to get off the computer, and 2) I wanted to collect my thoughts so I could try and look at this book objectively. Sadly, I am still not looking at it objectively, but oh well. I'm not sure I ever will, honestly, because this book just doesn't lend itself to pickiness or perfectionism. Either you will love it, wholeheartedly and without caring about its faults, as I do, or you will hate it with a burning passion and call it ridiculous.

Let me explain: firstly, the plot is almost entirely predictable. If you're the kind of person who wants to be surprised, this probably isn't for you, although the ending was certainly an explosion (*giggle* You'll understand this when you read it) of surprises. If you're just looking for a somewhat stereotypical but incredibly beautiful, heartfelt, and adorable romance, however, this is so totally for you, and you'll ignore the fact that the entire beginning of this book (and actually, a lot of the middle...and the end...and pretty much the whole thing) is not very realistic and the odds of anything like this happening in reality are about a million to one. But the thing is, I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic, so I don't mind daydreaming about a romance that has a million to one odds of ever existing. I can be happy with the book because it is lovely and adorable and perfect and happy, because that is my personal taste. If it's not yours, you have been warned, and may want to look elsewhere.

The thing that sets "Dante's Girl" apart, in my opinion, is, well, Dante's girl. Reece, the main character and narrator, is absolutely brilliant. She has shape, she has depth, she changes over the course of the novel but not so much that you lose everything that made her wonderful in the beginning. She gets a bit whiny but she acknowledges her whininess, and she is insecure but she is very clear about that, and about why. She is witty and funny and smart and independent, and totally reminds me of myself, which makes her all the more likable, because I can slip myself into her shoes very easily. The characters as a whole are pretty likable...Dante is gorgeous, sexy, charming, funny, and essentially perfect...if you're the kind of person who likes this in a book character you will adore him. I love perfect guys, and so I love him. If you want a character with a dark side or a whole lot of depth, you'll probably be frustrated....but he's just so perfect. Everyone needs a Dante in their life. The supporting cast is fun too, and with the exception of the primary evil villain and the customary mean girl, everyone was very likable and, for the most part, had their own unique personalities.

All in all, I adore this book. I want so badly to read more about Dante and Reece's story, and I'm so sad because the sequel, due out in 2013, is supposed to be about two other characters, and not focusing on the relationship built in this novel. Regardless, if Ms. Cole writes that romance with the same impossible-not-to-love charm, I'm sure I'll enjoy it just as much. If you're a fan of teen romances, perfect guy characters, and witty and fantastic female leads, definitely pick this one up. You'll be glad you did.