City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare Words cannot adequately express how much I love this author, this series, and these characters. Every so often, a series comes along that completely sweeps you off your feet, that makes you remember why you love books and stories and reading, and for me, TMI is one of those series and more. It has everything I could possibly want in a series: love (of all kinds), friendship, heartbreak, sacrifice, heroism, bravery, uniqueness, and a well developed world. It explores situations that I could never even think of, let alone write about, and offers sincere wisdom on all topics. A part of me genuinely feels like Jace and Clary and Simon and Isabelle and Alec and Magnus and all the rest are alive somewhere, if I only knew where to look, and for me, that's the greatest compliment I can give any work of fiction: it felt real, and it made me care.

All of the above said, I think it's clear that I can't possibly be expected to give an unbiased review of CoHF. That said, I had a lot of thoughts and ALL OF THE FEELS about this book, so let's try to explore some of those, shall we?

CLARY AND JACE. CLARY AND JACE, CLARY AND JACE, CLARY AND JACE. I really don't think there needs to be a review exploring or explaining just how much I adore this couple now and forever, so CLARY AND JACE will have to do.

ALEC AND MAGNUS. And just Magnus in general. And just Alec in general. I'll be honest, I actually hated Alec in the beginning of this series. I mean, I feel like we as readers were all meant to, but I genuinely did not care if he died in the first book. A part of me might have been rooting for it (or a serious injury, at least). But then he was with Magnus, and I love Magnus (if you've never read my squealing reviews of the Bane Chronicles: Magnus Bane is my favorite character of all time in anything ever, basically) so Alec grew on me. And then I started to love Alec in his own right, but CoHF is what really solidified him in my heart. He became a real live human being, not a puppet with complicated feelings, and he completely broke my heart in places and put it back together again in others. I never rooted for him beyond "I love Magnus so whatever Magnus wants should happen" but in CoHF I was rooting for Alec individually, and that means something.

As for Magnus, he's still my favorite character in everything ever. The fact that we finally met his father is the greatest thing ever to me, although, as Clary put it I "just might hate him more than any other demon, ever." Magnus was heartbreaking throughout CoHF, but he still managed just the right amount of humor to remain the Magnus we all know and love. And the fact that elements of the Bane Chronicles were pulled in throughout CoHF made me SO HAPPY.

Maia and Jordan and Bat, oh my! This storyline simultaneously bored and confused me, honestly, but after reading Cassie Clare's explanations of her motivations I am actually pretty okay with the whole thing. I never really liked Maia much as a character (nothing AGAINST her, she just never got to me the way other characters did) so I didn't care very much about these parts, but they were still nicely done and I like the way they resolved themselves, even if it upset others.

ISABELLE. She is another character I only half loved before this book. I mean, there were always elements of her I loved, and elements of her that annoyed me, but in CoHF she broke my heart (a lot of characters broke my heart, okay?) and I wanted her to have a happy ending SO BADLY, and the fact that she didn't completely get one makes me SO UPSET which brings me to...

....SIMON. OH MY GOD NO. I'm still miserable over this whole thing. I mean, the ending made me feel a little bit better but MY HEART BROKE IN PIECES. I hate Asmodeus so much and I hope someone does slay him one day. Because OH MY GOD SIMON. He was so brave, and so loyal, and so loving, and so askansdlkansdlknasdklanskladsnaslnd NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. His friendship with Clary has been one of my favorite things through six books, and the thought that that might be gone.......asdkandlkasndasndlkasndaslkdnasldna ALL OF THE FEELS. I genuinely started crying at one point in the epilogue. Nuff said.

TESSA AND JEM. I DID NOT KNOW THEY WOULD HAVE ROLES IN THIS BOOK AND ALKDNALKDNADLKNADLKADNLKADNLKADNADLNAKDNLADN. Maybe I should have known (I don't know if it was publicized or not, I never saw it) but ALKADKLNDAKLADNKADNKLADND. I mean, I'm still a bit mad at Jem and Tessa for everything at the end of Clockwork Princess (go read that review if you want more on that) but still ALDKNKANDKLDANKDNALKDNADAKNAD characters from one series popping up in another makes me SO HAPPY. As does Jace deciding to be a Herondale. I love when everything comes full circle.

And so, speaking of full circle: Emma and Julian and the Blackthorns. I normally don't like new characters being introduced into an established series (especially in the last book!) but I loved these guys, so it's okay. I have a feeling I am going to love Emma a ridiculous amount once I get to read The Dark Artifices, and her relationship with Julian is already my favorite thing. My only complaint is I have a feeling I may see them as 12 year olds in my head forever, now, but alas, I shall work around that. Also, the fact that Tessa and Jem seem as though they might play a role in TDA, and Cassie has already said Jace will be making at least one appearance makes me SO HAPPY I HAVE NO WORDS. These books need to come out NOW, I can't wait a year and a half for more Shadowhunters.

Rating: 5 stars (as if you couldn't guess from all of the above squealing)