Verum - Courtney Cole I cannot decide how I feel about this book.

On the one hand, I really enjoyed it. It was fast-paced with unexpected twists and turns, and I enjoy the main characters and the way Courney Cole deals with mental illness and what it looks like to be inside the mind of someone dealing with trauma. On the other hand, the plotting of this book was haphazard at best, with major events happening seemingly out of the blue. At many points, I felt as though I was reading a book that had never been proofread, and from about the second chapter in, I had a constant feeling that I had somehow skipped over an entire chapter of very important information. Even though I was able to quickly pick up what was happening, it was still an unsettling jump. The reason this didn't bother me more is that, after finishing the book, I am thinking that some of the unexplained jumps, including the big one at the beginning, were done on purpose to mirror some underlying things going on throughout the book. If that is the case, I can forgive the inconsistencies, although I would still have preferred a book without them.

As for the actual storyline of this book, after reading Nocte, almost any big cliffhanger reveal this book could offer would never compare. At the point of the big reveal in Nocte I literally felt as though I had been doused in a bucket of ice water, but after the Verum reveal I only felt a mild twinge of surprise, and also some annoyance because that plot device again, really? I'm not saying it was bad, and I don't think you could, in good conscious, call these books unoriginal, but after the near perfection of the Nocte twist, I was expecting a bit more from Verum.

As for the cliffhanger ending, it was exactly what I expected, but I am still freaking out about it...and regardless of my lukewarm feelings towards this book, I still cannot wait for Lux...Summer 2015 cannot come fast enough!