Where She Went

Where She Went - Gayle Forman In a lot of ways, this book fell under the sequel-curse for me. Adam was not as relatable and wonderful a narrator (at least for me) as Mia, and the storyline in general seemed a little forced and a little unnecessary. For the entire beginning half of the book, at least, I found myself wishing that Forman had just left things as they were at the end of If I Stay: not exactly happy, but at least with hope for a better future.

That said, the end of this book made me understand not only why Adam felt the way he did and why Mia did the things she did, but why this story absolutely had to be told. It couldn't be left unwritten any more than our deepest emotions can be left unsaid, any more than our most important relationships can be left untended. It is the kind of thing that makes absolute sense while making no sense at all, and perhaps that is what makes Where She Went feel infinitely necessary to me.

Finally, I am a sucker for romances, so in that, this book automatically had me hooked. And if Ms. Forman ever decides to make this duet a trilogy, I will be first in line to buy my copy.