Broken Harbor

Broken Harbor - Tana French Update: Upon rereading this book for a literature class, I can say that is is still amazing and Tana French is phenomenal.

Original Review:

I think this was the perfect one.

Since first discovering Tana French's novels after reading In The Woods as part of my Honors English class in college, I got a little bit obsessed, and as soon as I had the chance (once break started) I began to devour the three remaining books. With each one, I enjoyed the story and the characters, but there was always something small that ended up annoying me about the book as a whole. Maybe it moved too slowly (The Likeness), maybe the ending wasn't satisfying (In The Woods), maybe the plot left me a bit disappointed (Faithful Place). I was all set to feel the same way about Broken Harbor, but then...I didn't.

I genuinely can't come up with anything I didn't like about this book. If I had to pick one thing, it would probably be that I don't love Mick Kennedy as a main character (or as a character in general), but I was able to feel for him even if I thought he was annoying, so overall even that small annoyance wasn't enough to get under my skin. The plot was brilliant, the pacing was perfect, and the emotions were, as always, spot on and heart-breaking. While I definitely recommend that any murder mystery fan reads all of Tana French's novels, I will say this: if you're going to pick just one, go with Broken Harbor.

Rating: 5 Stars