By the Bog of Cats - Acting Edition

By the Bog of Cats - Acting Edition - Marina Carr Updated review: I had to reread this play for another literature class, and I can confidently say that I loved it just as much the second time around. If you are a fan of dark literature, you absolutely must read this, and read it immediately.

If all of my english class readings were like this, I would be a very happy person. Riveting, demented, dark, and just a little bit disturbing: all in all a fantastically entertaining read. I got through it all in one sitting, partly because I had nothing else to do and it was short, and partly because I couldn't put it down. The dialogue was surprisingly hilarious in parts, and heart breaking and dark when it needed to be. If you're a fan of Irish literature, plays in general, or dark and disturbing things, I HIGHLY recommend this...and if you have to read it for an english class, like me, don't despair!