Clockwork Princess

Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Let me start this review off with a disclaimer: it WILL contain spoilers. This is a pretty monumental deal for me, because I never write spoilers because I would never want to read spoilers, but if I don't rant a bit about this my head might literally explode. So spoilers within. I will be as vague as I can possibly be, but I beg of you, if your reading experience will be ruined by having major plot points (like the entire ending of this book) spoiled, then PLEASE DO NOT READ ON. Go read the book first and then come back and enjoy my rant. Okay? Understood? Alright.

I should probably start off by saying that a part of me adored this book. It had ALL OF THE FEELS and it nearly made me cry and I adore all of the characters and it was lovely. When I started reading this series I genuinely didn't think I could ever enjoy it as much as I enjoyed TMI, but I was wrong. It is dead even with TMI, and if it wasn't for the rant that cometh, it might even have won out as my favorite Cassandra Clare series.

Continuing with things I really did love, because I don't want to ignore the good parts, CHARLOTTE AND HENRY. They went from being these characters that I absolutely could not figure out to THE FREAKING BEST COUPLE EVER. My heart broke for Henry during the battle, and the fact that their kids kept the Fairchild name and THAT MEANS CHARLOTTE AND HENRY ARE CLARY'S GREAT GREAT GREAT GREAT (or thereabouts) GRANDPARENTS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. My insides squealed when I realized that.

Also, SOPHIE. Plus SOPHIE AND GIDEON. ALL OF THE HAPPINESS. And Cecily. I'll admit, she was never my favorite character, but she definitely grew on me, and her relationship with Gabriel is ALL OF THE PERFECT. Plus she's Alec/Isabelle's great great great somethingorother, so I have to love her, right?

Now I will say, I actually adored the ending. It made me happy, even though it was not the way I would have loved it. I was a little bit surprised/annoyed/confused that Mortmain, the greatest evil the Shadowhunters have ever faced, was destroyed in a matter of moments and the last quarter or so of the book was dedicated solely to romance, but it let everything get wrapped up nicely, so I forgave it. Here is what I cannot forgive:

THE FREAKING EPILOGUE. Now, I am a Will/Tessa shipper, and perhaps that is why I hated the epilogue so much, but I am so freaking angry at Cassandra Clare. It's perfectly acceptable for fans to want endings other than what they're given, but for an author to put together an ending like this just feels like she said "eh, I don't wanna disappoint anyone, I can't even decide, so whatever, hopefully they'll all be happy." And that is NOT OKAY, because no matter what eloquent fluff Tessa might give us, you CANNOT love two people at once. You can grow out of your love from one and start loving another. You can be confused about your feelings for one and love them because they were there for you and you needed them. You can care about people deeply and not want to hurt them. But YOU CANNOT HAVE TWO SOULMATES. The very definition of the word soulmate makes it impossible for anyone to have TWO OF THEM. Which means that the epilogue means one of two things: Tessa is using Jem because she's lonely and desperate, or, the more likely, and the way Clare made the epilogue FEEL, whether she meant it or not: Tessa used Will as a placeholder for years while she wished she could be with the person she really loved. Clare made Jem Tessa's "soulmate" in a lot of ways, even though she disguised it by claiming the impossible fact that "she loved them both" and the reason that is not okay, besides the fact that it's unfair to Will, who I love, and I personally object because I like Will so much more than Jem, is JEM ABANDONED TESSA. He changed, three quarters of the way through the novel, from the sweet, loving, overly mature young guy who accepted that there was something worse than death, and that was living a half life, or a life you didn't want. He didn't want to live without Will, he didn't want to live without Tessa, and he didn't want to live without music, and yet he lived for 130 years without all three because he decided he didn't really want to die. And I was so disappointed in him. He abandoned his parabatai, he abandoned his fiancée, he abandoned everything he had known and everyone who had loved him, because he didn't want to die. And I can forgive him not wanting to die, if he hadn't spent the first two and a half books of the trilogy being perfectly accepting and understanding that even though he had to die too young and that was unfair, he would rather die and have the chance to live with those he loved in a next life than live forever or live a life he hated. And then he threw all of that away, without even an EXPLANATION. Sure, he said he didn't want to leave them to fight Mortmain alone, but after the battle, when they had yin fen back, he could have left the Brothers. He could have lived as much of a life as he could in the time he had left, like he always planned. But he didn't. He ran away, he abandoned the people he claimed he loved, and they couldn't even be mad at him because all they wanted was for him to be alive. And that just disappoints me so much, because I expected SO MUCH MORE from Jem. Also, I really thought when Tessa released the angel's soul that was keeping her alive, she would be a normal mortal person with a shape changing ability. So I was disappointed by the fact that she retained her immortality, and when we got to the part in the epilogue where we find out she ABANDONED HER CHILDREN, I was furious. You don't DO that. And not for anything, if you're immortal and you don't wanna be, you could just peacefully end your life, there are ways. Not saying I support suicide, quite the opposite, but she lived well over a normal lifespan, if she hated watching everyone she loved die SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO.

So, in conclusion, I expected so much more from this ending. And because I expected so much more, here is the ending *I* choose to believe. Jem died when we thought he did. Will and Tessa went on to live happily ever after. They BOTH died at a ripe old age, whether because Tessa forfeited her immortality or it turned out she didn't have it, and they met Jem at the wheel or the river or WHATEVER, and got to go off into eternity together. And that would have been sweet, and lovely, and not awful and disappointing and sad. So that is what I will hold on to, because, seriously, it would have been a lot less disappointing then what I just read.