City of Ashes

City of Ashes - Cassandra Clare Alright, so first and foremost I want to say that I refuse to write reviews with spoilers, so, in the interest of not spoiling either this OR City of Bones, this review will likely be very vague. But here goes:

Characters: Still freaking amazing. Slightly evolved, but in good ways.

World: Still freaking amazing. Still under-explained in parts, but so intriguing and exciting and awesome.

Plot: Still MERGH. But better than the first book, in many ways. More issues and twists and side plots to deal with, and I was kept guessing until the very end, which was nice. I didn't like how a few things ended up, but I know it's being set up for the rest of the series, so I can forgive most of it.

The structure of the book was a little jarring in places too, because I'm not a HUGE fan of switching POVs, especially during action-packed sequences, because as soon as I get excited and on the edge of my seat about one situation, I'm switched to another section of the book. That said, I felt like each POV was needed exactly how it was written, and once I adjusted to the switches I didn't mind them: they gave depth to some previously under-explored characters, and added insight to the main characters as well. The ending was an exciting but abrupt cliffhanger, so I know one thing for sure: I cannot wait to get started on City of Glass.