The Cuckoo's Calling

The Cuckoo's Calling - Robert Galbraith To anyone who is scared to pick up this book because they were disappointed by The Casual Vacancy and don't want to read anything Rowling besides HP: don't be scared, and don't deprive yourself of the amazingness that is this book. That said, IF YOU DON'T LIKE MYSTERY NOVELS, or, more specifically, if you are looking for Harry Potter: don't bother. Rowling is a brilliant storyteller, this proves that one hundred billion times over. But it is an adult mystery novel. A brilliantly written adult mystery novel, that you will love if you love mysteries and might enjoy even if you just want an intriguing read with fascinating characters, but IT. IS NOT. HARRY POTTER. I know that should go without saying, as all of you are perfectly capable of reading the blurb, but because so many people insist on holding all J.K Rowling books to a paragon of impeccable and incomparable writing the likes of which will probably never be duplicated, I say again: don't read this expecting it to be the next Harry Potter. The only similarity between this and Harry Potter is the author.

All that said: OHMYGOODNESS THIS BOOK. It started off a bit slow (which is kind of a Rowling trademark, if you think about it, who among us can say they didn't spend the entire first chapter of The Sorceror's/Philosopher's Stone wondering where on earth she was going with this?) but once it picks up, it doesn't stop. I'm a fairly sharp reader and watcher when it comes to mystery books, shows, etc, but I couldn't figure this one out for the life of me, which really made it all the more exciting and intriguing in the end. If it sounds like something you'll be into, whether you are a Harry Potter fan or not, I urge you to give this a shot. I don't think you'll be disappointed.