The Springs of Affection: Stories of Dublin

The Springs of Affection: Stories of Dublin - Maeve Brennan If you go by the blurb, this collection of short stories sounds like one of the most boring things to ever exist. Which is why it's such a good thing that I am hear to tell you to ignore the blurb.

I am not usually one for stories that rely solely on emotion with very little point, but this collection pulled me in and made me care. Even the characters that I didn't like got to me and made me feel sympathy for them. Brennan explores human emotions and motivations with a style and a delicacy that is both fascinating and astounding to read.

I notice that I tend to end reviews with some sort of "if you like [fill in a kind of literature here] then give this book a shot." I'm going to do that here too, and I'm going to make it as simple as possible: if you like brilliantly written books, go read this one.